Coffee OEM

Welcome to Coffee OEM!

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the richest gourmet coffee experience.

As a family run business we are aware that our success depends entirely upon maintaining our customers’ confidence in our quality coffees so we pay close attention to your coffee every step of the way.

We only purchase the finest estate coffees from around the world and we only use 100% arabica beans. Only one percent of the coffee crop meets our strict standards.

All our coffees are small batch roasted to peak flavor and we ship them to you the same day. This assures you the excellence you expect from fine OEM gourmet coffees.


Over the years we have done extensive testing with our coffee OEM profiling software to determining both the length of time and temperature to optimize each beans best qualities and to achieve the most desired flavor profile.

We measure the temperature of the bean during roasting, not just the inside air temperature of the roaster.

This eliminates inconsistencies in roast depths due to outside factors such as humidity, barometric pressure and ambient temperatures. We bag your coffee in foil bags with one way valves while the coffee is still warm to hold in all the flavor.

The one way valve allows the coffee to breath but keeps the air out. Air is damaging to the freshly roasted coffee.

We opened Coffee OEM in nineteen ninety seven, we started out as a coffee house.

Which included a small coffee roaster. I felt we needed to roast are own coffees to set us apart from the wave of corporate coffee houses and franchises being opened.

Roasting our own coffees allowed us to create blends no one else had and to have the freshest and highest quality coffees possible.

Our OEM coffees have become so popular with local restaurants, stores and business. We quickly out grow our small roaster and our store. We decided to sell our coffee shop and strictly focus on roasting coffee full time.

Our coffees are now being served across America and Asia. It makes us very proud. In Japan, Coffee OEM is called “コーヒーOEM“.

With the rise of specialty coffee, private label coffee is becoming a popular choice for consumers.

The growth in the market for private label coffee is attributed to the increase in demand for quality and convenience.

Coffee OEM suppliers offer value-added services to their customers, such as consulting and design services. They also offer personalized blends that are made specifically for each customer’s tastes.

Private label OEM has become a great option for consumers who are looking to buy high-quality beans at an affordable price.

You may be a restaurant, cafe, school, or non-profit organization.

No matter what, we can help. We have helped many businesses establish a coffee OEM (コーヒーOEM) program and generate additional income streams. Private Label Coffee can also help any business brand themselves and stand out in this competitive market place.

Keep in mind that all of our gourmet coffee is fresh, roasted to order. We do not keep roasted coffee on the shelf. We bag our coffee within minutes of roasting to lock in that perfectly roasted flavor. Each batch is roasted to exacting standards to ensure consistent flavor.

Whether you are raising money for a good cause or want to brand yourself through coffee, we are here for you.

If you already know what type of coffee you want, let us know so we can get you a price. If you are new to the coffee OEM business, we can help you pick out the origin(s) that will best meet your needs.

We also help design your label. Just tell us what look you are trying to achieve and we will work you up a proof. If you have a label already, even better.

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